January 23


  • Some Pok茅mon keycaps on my Qlavier keyboard!

  • Jack Dorsey confirms that Square Crypto is working on Lightning Network 鈿

  • You all seem to really like my koi fish keycap I posted yesterday so I thought I鈥檇 share my favorite keycaps I own! These are my octopus keycaps from dwarf factory and behind them are dragon keycaps! Have a nice day! Much love for everyone that has taken the time to comment and like my photos!

  • A result of months of planning and a night of setting up Philips Hue lights. With Wake-On-LAN enabled I can bring the entire room to life and wake up the PC with a single Siri command. Lord of my own small domain...

  • I'm a Simple Man. No TG or RGB, but this build on PCPartPicker is a Real Looker.