November 20


  • Thought y'all would get a kick out of this...when you straighten your hair for an outdoor event 🤷🏽‍♀️


  • [Homemade] Matcha Brownies

  • [Homemade] “Cheapotle”: Chipotle on a budget!

  • [Homemade] Turkey after a few hours in the smoker.


  • Update: I centered the prints above the couch and I’m digging it. Used command strips so I can change my mind easily too. Thanks for the input!


  • Neon Forest, Me, Acrylic, 2019


  • [Grand Seiko] Macro shot of the SBGA415 Winter Dial, by Atom Moore

  • Haven't fit in this shirt in two years at least.

  • Aliens and Slates acquired

  • [Breitling] Curtis Warhawk Aviator 8


  • The lid of the 12km deep Kola Borehole in Russia

  • They are asking for our support, they need our support.

  • just a reminder that this is still happening.


  • Baby elephant getting in bath

  • My welcoming committee

  • Innit sweet


  • I'm a middle school teacher, who received the most wholesome gift from a student today! My name is Lane, btw.

  • There, I made the meme now so we don't need to see it spammed for the next 2 weeks


  • Marvel's Wolverine and a literal Easter egg appear in 'The Greatest Showman's' opening credits

  • In Coraline, the “welcome home” cake features a double loop on the O. According to Graphology, a double loop on a lower case O means that the person who wrote it is lying. There is only one double loop, meaning she is welcome but she is not home.

  • In Ratatouille when Linguini considers hiding Remy in his pants, you can see he is wearing “The Incredibles” underwear.


  • Well I mean.....

  • the truth or not?

  • OH NO! Poor Deputy Smith!

  • Belgian Canaries have the best hairdos.

  • My fiancé wasn’t sure where the cat was...


  • identify yourself now

  • My biggest weakness

  • Don't say you haven't tried..

  • Its not over yet

  • i want to go backt to the dreamworld


  • Damn, didn't realize it was legal for our public servants to commit murder in broad daylight


  • Hit my first wall ride this weekend. Pretty small but still awesome.

  • Me, an 18.5 handicapper, arriving at the company christmas party at Top Golf


  • Sorry for the weird angle and also my first and last post here but I just wanted to say that my pc died after 7 years of hard work and I don't have money to buy a new one so gg wp in remembrance to my pc.


  • A Tesla Taxi. Found in Reykjavik Iceland.

  • My non-functioning bmw k100. Taking shape


  • Alaskan wood frog in deep hibernation, with 60% of it's body mass frozen. Yep, it's alive.

  • What the pyramid looked like. Originally encased in white lime stone with a peak made of solid gold

  • Some chocolate melted off my cookie and onto my thumb, making a perfect 'u'