May 15



  • Snail's First Sheet Mask! (IG Sticker)



  • How to defeat customer service

  • Hi. Trying to copy part of this room. That wallpaper looks great (minimal, white space, blue sparse pattern) but costs $139.00 a roll. Crazy. Anyone know of anything close? TY.


  • Bought my grandmother a grocery store orchid 3 years ago for Mother’s Day. It currently has 45 blooms.

  • Icebergs off the coast of Greenland (Photo credit to Daniel Jordan)

  • Somewhere in the Netherlands

  • My daughter’s “Wizard of Oz” phase ended about halfway through this project. (Pinafore and dress, self drafted. More details in comments.)


  • Happy how my curls turned out today with a quick styling method

  • [Panerai] Look at this Big Boi

  • [Nezumi] Voiture Microbrand Chronograph

  • I started using skinmedica a couple of months ago and my skin is looking fabulous! (41 in a couple months)


  • Icebergs off the coast of Greenland (Photo credit to Daniel Jordan)

  • Somewhere in the Netherlands

  • 8 photos Milky Way panorama taken with my phone

  • A local photobombed my landscape shot. Figured this might be a case for some bending of the rules. Yosemite National Park, California

  • German soldiers sleeping in the trenches during World War I, 1915.



  • Its right next to the boiling pots filled with oil and the giant boulders cascading down an active volcano

  • Shopping time! Made by Linda Vonree


  • Disney's alt cut.

  • All glory to the Hypnotoad

  • Shields up ...The cocoon idea was awesome for the movie


  • I told my sister if she graduated with honors I would wear a matching dress to her graduation. She said the thought of seeing me in a dress was her motivation when she wanted to quit. Worth it to me.



  • Something’s Wrong I Can Feel It

  • I prefer dick insect


  • Norm misses the Raptors so much he has disguised himself as “Khem Birch”

  • We’re not the deadman SF & SD

  • Thank you, Mr Baseball Man, very cool!

  • Mike Breen enters the Basketball Hall of Fame tonight.




  • Mr Bean has reach enlightenment (british museum)

  • Just a casual litter of fox cubs living between me and my neighbours fence.

  • r/Ireland explaining why the midlands took so many hits

  • Somewhere in the Netherlands


  • We all have to deal with ungrateful customers and attitudes they bring but it is nice to see that their are still customers out there that know we are people also.

  • Decided to plasti dip my non premium rear bumper. Its not perfect but pretty good i think for my first time messing with the stuff.

  • Must say Gold Wheels look great on a Black GTI

  • Grille Update Complete


  • The Prince Of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne in London 1972

  • My mom went through her highschool yearbook for the first time in 40 years.

  • Richard Dawson and the Cast of 'The Loveboat' on Family Feud (1978)

  • My grandparents, Francis and Clair, not long after my grandfather got out of the Navy in 1948.


  • Praying mantis on a fiddlehead fern, looks like it’s riding a bike

  • 17 yr old invented suture thread made with beet juice that change color in response to infection. She did it in response to smart sutures that relay wound info to smartphones or computers - which would be difficult to implement in poorer countries without the technological infrastructure.