February 25


  • New Contracts Hypo just dropped.

  • Return of the Year

  • Buying the dip 6 months ago was the best decision ever.



  • Homemade Crawfish Etouffee

  • Made this chocolate on chocolate cake for my friend’s birthday yesterday!

  • My first cheesecake! I followed Sally's Baking Addiction recipe for a caramel turtle cheesecake

  • [Homemade] Neapolitan marshmallows


  • Fireplace Burning, Bread in the Oven, Ice Cold Trockenbeerenauslese

  • I make flower pots from plastic bottles to protect the environment. Do you think it's useful?

  • How to hide the back of these shelves against the back of my sectional?


  • ‘AND THE FROG GOES...’ (oldie from the archive, remastered)

  • Island Home, Aurumek, Procreate, 2024

  • Hippie dad walking with his daughter. Amsterdam,1968



  • The bangs saga concludes... I got them cut shorter and separated the clumps. I LOVE them now!

  • I cheated on my piercer in Las Vegas...


  • Bombing of Leeuwarden Airport in The Netherlands by US B-26 Marauders of the 9th Air Force. 24 February 1944

  • One of the many selfies that Emperor Nicholas II took throughout his life, (1868-1918).






  • Republicans openly pledge “End of Democracy” to rabid cheers at CPAC 2024

  • Prisoner-Elect Reassures Voters They Will be Proud of Crime Again

  • Extra Leap Year



  • Today my local pantry offered farm fresh eggs. I am very eggcited about it!

  • Free Coca-Cola Spiced Raspberry from Safeway and sister stores through app


  • Hazard had a 2023/2024 Chelsea kit with him

  • Nice lil graphic during the game today

  • Shout out to random dude

  • Important PSA

  • Yoshinobu Yamamoto's new glove






  • Hippie dad walking with his daughter. Amsterdam,1968

  • Caroll Spinney, the Muppeteer who played Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street, from behind the scenes in 1980

  • Goldie Hawn in 1965. She was working as a professional dancer in New York City.