December 5


  • Didn't know Best Buy actual made their own game.

  • A different kind of luck! First order, walked to Applebee's and what did I spot on the ground??

  • I鈥檓 roughy 9 months into my forex journey. Last month things finally started to click in my head. Although there aren鈥檛 many trades shown, it has taken a lot for me to get to this point and I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to myself


  • Got a little hungry and started eating before my pic

  • Braised Turkey Legs with Yukon鈥檚 Gold Mash

  • I was told I should share my legally not a McRib with y'all.

  • The Reaper Pizza - Fibonacci's Pizzeria [Columbus, OH]


  • My fiance asked me to take photos of her philodendron prince of orange blooming

  • Took this on holiday with girlfriend, I really like the composition, thoughts?

  • [FO] 1 year ago this Saturday I came home with an empty cat carrier after helping to release my best friend from a 2 year battle with terminal cancer. I worked on this piece through tears that week, and just got the frame back in time to hang it in his memory for the one year anniversary.


  • A little update on my ears. So much has changed I think. I just got that bvla bee and piercing. I love it. I鈥檓 going to add two more piercings on either side of that bee for a triple flat.

  • Today my best friend and I took our denim obsession to the next level. Hoping to launch our shop in the new year.


  • Fourteen year old Mohawk and future Olympic gold medalist Waneek Horn-Miller cradling her younger sister after she herself was bayoneted in the chest by a Canadian soldier. Quebec, Oka Crisis, 26 September 1990.



  • Like father like son 馃憗馃憚馃憗

  • The characters have come such a long way from part 1 Naruto.

  • What are your Parks and Rec unpopular opinions?


  • Petition for changing MEMBERS // ONLINE to MANAGERS // ON THE TOUCHLINE

  • George in his 2020 Mercedes Race Suit

  • I swear it鈥檚 like they play like a pro after I play through


  • Many people ask me how I鈥檓 able to close my rings every day. This is how

  • I was having an argument with friend about monitors. I told him I'm thinking of buying asus tuf monitor cause it has adjustable height and he sent me this. He won the argument.

  • Nvidia Build - EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra

  • Bought a MacBook Air, got upgraded to a MacBook Pro! Retailer says they didn't have the gold MBA in stock, so they sent me the space grey Pro instead.


  • Algumas velhas alegrias nunca mudam...

  • As a GSI grading final projects this semester...

  • Fredagsm氓lningen! 鈥滸rodan boll och f氓glarna鈥 Det 盲r tredje 氓ret i rad som jag m氓lar en Grodan boll-m氓lning till jul. Detta 盲r en av de st枚rsta och roligaste m氓lningen som jag har gjort under detta 氓r. :) Trevlig helg!


  • George in his 2020 Mercedes Race Suit

  • My painter stayed late last night to finish to jobs to help us get caught up and dropped his old sata cleaning it. So Christmas came early for him this year.

  • I always wave 鉁岎煆


  • The small details: In the forearms there is one very small muscle that contracts only when lifting the pinky, otherwise it is invisible. Michelangelo's Moses is lifting the pinky, therefore that tiny muscle is contracted - a small part of the many details of this masterpiece