September 16


  • My dayyyyssss old wash n go pulled through for the Caribbean festival yesterday. I danced for HOURS and sweat like a fool. But my hair and makeup were ride or die with me while I wine and kotch 馃槀


  • [HOMEMADE] Habenero Peach Bourbon Hot Sauce

  • [homemade] spaghetti alla vongole

  • First time posting pls be nice , sous vide duck breast , beluga lentils w/ root veg , carot ginger puree ,pickled chanterelles , poached turnips and split duck jus

  • [I Ate] Amazing Sushi in Tokyo


  • Hello Reddit please give me feedback as to how to improve this or if its already neat!


  • Rainbow Sunset in Southern Colorado

  • Are we still doing this? Keep the #trashtag alive! Just cleaned up the beach this morning!

  • Sunrise in the Dolomites edited with Lightroom & Photoshop

  • It has been a while since I've seen it so...

  • So this is where that came from....


  • 馃敟 This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him 馃敟

  • Heckin鈥 Cute Highland Cattle Calf

  • Albatross chic in his mud nest


  • Petition to change the Upvote and Downvote symbols to something a little like this. (I made the blocks similar to dark theme)

  • We made three giant pixel art pieces for our survival mine !


  • In 鈥渢he Green Mile鈥 they used creative camera angles and tricks gives the illusion of Michael Clark Duncan鈥檚 height. He鈥檚 actually only an inch taller than David Morse (left)




  • October 23, 2017. Promise kept.

  • A picture of our 8 on the river at 7 am.

  • Country represented by all Open-Era Grand Slam winners (as of September 2019)

  • 275ft tunnel shot. Basket just off to the left. What are you throwing?


  • I need some help finding a 65:9 Wallpaper. Thanks Dad!

  • I just got a new case mobo and cpu for my pc put it all together got it all working but it does not post any ideas on how to fix it



  • Crow Native Americans watching the rodeo at Crow fair in Montana, 1941


  • Seals will perform the banana pose when they are feeling safe and content. Lifting their heads and flippers into to the air also helps to regulate their body temperature and keeps their extremities dry when close to water.

  • The clearest image of Mars ever taken!

  • First photo through my telescope ruined by 300 people

  • I put an avocado seed in a glass of water to see what would happen. This is 4 months later! I had no clue it would make roots like this!