January 20



  • [Homemade] Breakfast Burger


  • Cozy bunk beds that my dad build for my kids


  • Elise, Me, Digital, 2020

  • Work in progress...just passed halfway at 175 hours so far


  • the snow was literally melting underneath me 馃敟

  • Airport flex but there's no one here

  • [Tudor Heritage Ranger] First gifted watch, second in my collection.


  • I gotta walk but I hate to ruin it...

  • It has been three months since the last time I saw the sun. In just a few days it will peek above the mountains again.

  • How to handle non-paying customers

  • With all the snow in Newfoundland, we now have free beer fridges!


  • After following this sub for ages, I finally have something to contribute! Reddit meet Scottie!

  • We adopted this gorgeous (albeit, grumpy) 15 year old girl today. Previous owners could no longer take care of her. Here she is settling into her new forever home!

  • Hey Reddit, meet my new pal Dallas.

  • My old girl just turned 112 years old. In cat years of course. Still as gorgeous as ever.



  • [NO SPOILERS] I visited Sk贸gafoss waterfall in Iceland! S08E01

  • In Saving Private Ryan (1998), when the mother is about to receive the news 3 of her 4 sons have died in war, you can see a photo on her desk showing the faces of her 3 sons who have died. The 4th son (James Ryan) has the US flag covering his face symbolizing he is in US care and not dead.

  • Just noticed all the celebrity names in the dead pool on Deadpool (2016)


  • Skynet Protocol Initiated!!!

  • Adult lives matter

  • Long beings are needed in society


  • Unlimited Power

  • last part of how to end someone's career

  • It鈥檚 fuckin rawwwwww


  • Made some beeswax wraps. Not entirely frugal but reduces the cost of cling film as these can be reused for years!

  • YMMV Nike Killshot 2 - 30% off at Nike Citadel outlet (LA). Came out to $63 before tax


  • There's a new Ski magazine just been released

  • Match ready, Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. Best view in the house.

  • Who's got two thumbs and got an E rank today? This guy!

  • Alyssa Healy's reaction to Starc's innings.

  • Dustin Rhodes was featured on the cover of The Austin Chronicle this week. The story covers being from Austin and joining AEW