February 23


  • be a 馃寛馃惢 and sell or hold til expiration?



  • [Pro/chef] Almond sponge cake, French buttercream, ganache, cocoa nib brittle

  • Super crispy fish tacos!

  • Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Mushrooms

  • My mom's little banh mi shop. Almost every topping is made by my parents, we're in Ha Long Bay, wish to see Reddit-er one day 鉂

  • [Homemade] Crunchie bar vanilla cake


  • Open air living space with a lot of greenery centered around a courtyard garden, Yan Nawa District, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Hobbit house near Dunblane, Scotland

  • Use a back light for perfect cuts with a guillotine paper cutter every time


  • Citrus whales vol 3, me, 4 color screen print, 2020

  • I tried painting iridescent material 馃憖

  • Bear with suitcase, me, amigurumi, 2018

  • Kids grow up liking Spiderman and Batman but this guy was my hero!

  • Unfinished fish - Procreate


  • [Patek Philippe] 6102P Celestial Grand Complication

  • The random warm winter weather makes me desperate for spring outfits!


  • Love that soft light you get in the forest: Whinlatter Forest, Lake District, England

  • This Australian shaped puddle even has a Tasmania

  • Making marble look like cloth.

  • The perfect shirt for the perfect day. I鈥檝e been waiting so long.

  • Imagine being able to make stone look soft!! Created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.


  • Squirrel saved from hurricane has her own mini teddy bear

  • Nononono, oooooh yesss

  • When the bird thinks he's a mouse

  • leopard sploot

  • Such an adorable little family



  • The actor in Hot Fuzz (2097) kept forgetting his line so they let him use his real birthday. Happy Birthday, Underage Drinker #1

  • Swords ~ These Swords Are Made For Killing


  • Toilet Me Alone

  • A friend of mine is a teacher and one of her kids relabeled her hand sanitizer.

  • Just love the bump!

  • Went to a local bar and saw their sign -


  • Tight lipped cop.

  • When a 10 year old has such good game it ends up crumbling an entire democracy

  • Those parents with perfect angels



  • YMMV: Wolverine 1000 Mile boots on clearance at Lord and Taylor for $80 - Lawrenceville, NJ

  • My wife made a handbag for herself using scrap leather we had laying around. Within a week, she made another and sold it. This is now likely turning into a home business.


  • Six consecutive T20I fifties for Sophie Devine. No other player, male or female, has ever hit more than four in a row in the format

  • Getting some inspiration before I go shoot 95 this morning.

  • Onboard Alfa Romeo 184T, Monza 1984

  • Flyers trainer Jim McCrossin worked his 2000th pro game this afternoon.



  • Don't have a lot of money but my first starter DN setup is finally up and running.


  • Flex Friday at Golden Crack

  • 200k and going strong!

  • Photo of Model Y lift gate open! *not mine*

  • First time owning my own vehicle! Just got this beauty yesterday so naturally I had to take a road trip

  • Said fairwell to my wrangler yesterday. My brand new 2020 1500 Custom Trail Boss. I guess it's still trail rated?


  • Sophie Scholl (21), Hans Scholl (24) & Christoph Probst (24) who were members of the German anti-Nazi resistance group, The White Rose were executed by guillotine on this day in 1943.

  • NYC Subway Conductor (1960). Enrico Natali, photographer.