December 11


  • Letting my hair down 馃寛馃枻 after 2weeks of braids


  • Beef bourguignon served over mashed potatoes

  • Charcuterie ship at a Viking wedding.

  • [Homemade] Creampuffs with Diplomat Cream

  • [homemade] lonely evening snack plate


  • It's not much, but it's my first apartment all to myself, and I love it

  • Awkward negative space in the living room above the TV. The empty space above the TV is really throwing me. Would really appreciate some opinions!


  • Experiment in representation 1, Me, Digital, 2019


  • We did it Reddit!! Thank you to all who made this picture popular! Adidas FOUND ME!

  • simple shopkeeper vibes today 馃惢

  • Soft bouncy mock neck sweaters go with pretty much everything.

  • Found this nice matching track jacket at the outlet today.


  • Sunsets best spent down in a sea cave. Los Angeles, CA | Insta @worldpins

  • Wierd AL blessing our baby, all hail Weird AL and the weirdness he has blessed us with.

  • My Grandad was an RAF officer in the 50's, today he came across this RAF officers cap. I've never seen him so happy!


  • I've wanted a kitten for the last 5 years and my wife completely surprised me with one for Christmas!

  • I am Bean. We don鈥檛 know type of pupper I am but I am the goodest girl in all the land.

  • Our new puppy, Coop!

  • Just wanted to introduce everyone to our lovely girl, M盲rta. She says hi!


  • I've been practicing pixel art for a month and cant stop making more pokemon themed ones

  • You can't change my mind.

  • I don't always trickshot, but whn I do, I somehow succed


  • My friend made me a cake after my divorce

  • I always feel strange grabbing this door handle.

  • I was a champion before I was even born

  • Every year my mom sets up this xmas decoration I switch the letters

  • The 5 horsemen of the apocalypse



  • My campsite view for one night - Sgurr Na Stri, The Cuillin, Scotland

  • I'm new here

  • Just recently, I managed to be selected to compete in Tokyo 2020, representing Nepal for male swimming.

  • In Spring 2013, I joined a brand-new judo club at my university. Last week, I became our club's first home-grown shodan.



  • My baby Harley coming along nicely. Still have a few more things to do yet.

  • Took a slide yesterday, walked away with a few bruises. Stay vigilant people and ATGATT


  • [December 10, 1919] Autochrome picture of French Senegalese soldiers standing to attention under an Armenian flag, in Cilicia, Turkey. Probably during the short-lived Armenian Autonomous Zone when the Allies were trying to set up a home for refugees and survivors of the Armenian Genocide

  • My dad鈥檚 (far left) high school punk band, 1982


  • Just finished painting my first printed DOOM Helmet! Not my best paint work but its progress. Just need to add the visor. [Credit to Jace1969 on thingiverse]