August 7


  • When the 1Ls ask how the online spring classes went during the orientation panels

  • Some of you wanted this for future use. Here it is!


  • Hi! I'm Emma, an independent jewellery artist who works with silver. I'm having a shop update tomorrow and I was told this sub might appreciate my work!

  • Has anyone seen this freebie from Poesie鈥檚 Instagram yet? It sounds like a great early Fall scent.

  • One of my friends is opening an online jewelry store and I thought y鈥檃ll would enjoy her stuff! Etsy isn鈥檛 up yet but her insta is @eyecandybybelle and she has some really great pieces available


  • [Homemade] Jalape帽o Poppers with Crab Rangoon filling

  • Birthday cake I made for my daughter's best friend.

  • How I feel when a family orders 3 iced chai鈥檚 during peak.


  • Making one of these this weekend.

  • Does anybody know how to remove this type of hose clamp?


  • Another older comic, but this kind of stuff legit still keeps me up at night sometimes

  • Ralph Wiggum's Heartbreak by Rose Amor at Ashegun Tattoo Shop in Toronto, Ontario.


  • Ralph Wiggum's Heartbreak by Rose Amor at Ashegun Tattoo Shop in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Camera Aperture & Trees on a lake, by Vinny R. @ Dreams Collide, Lancaster, PA

  • Necessity is the mother of invention

  • [Alpinist] Finally succumbed to getting an oyster bracelet from Strapcode


  • A policeman in San Francisco scolds a man for not wearing a mask during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, 1918

  • A remote New Zealand valley at Sunset

  • The moon setting on the Oregon Coast



  • A good friend of mine just surprised me with this painting

  • DnD really helped me open up.

  • Looks like I rolled a low initiative for this template

  • Chuuunibyou Grand Order #2: Big sister's anti-chuuni technique



  • This sign posted outside a local bar.

  • Can't wait to find out the rest of the family's catch phrases

  • I don't even wonder why this ad is in my feed.

  • A friend told me I look like the illegitimate lovechild of Borat, Phil Lynott, and Frank Zappa. 15 minutes later, I got sent this.







  • Tom DeLonge getting arrested for underage drinking as Mark Hoppus points to his shirt (1995)

  • [August 5, 1920] Popular music star Al Jolson releases a campaign song for Republican Presidential candidate Warren G. Harding: 鈥淗arding, You鈥檙e The Man For Us.鈥

  • My grandpa in 1925 with his dad鈥檚 horse. My grandpa was 14 years old. Taken in rural Ohio.

  • Lyndon B. Johnson with long hair in the 70s after his presidency

  • 1960鈥檚? Can you help me identify this person oldschoolcoolies?