October 21


  • Desperately trying to trick my brain into enjoying this, so far no luck.

  • “No ma’am, the gate needs to remain closed until he’s done with the forklift.”


  • Love seeing lots of cinnamon rolls here lately, so I needed to make the traditional Swedish version for you.

  • [Homemade] Empanadas with rice and beans.

  • Baked ziti with sausage, eggplant, zucchini, and peppers

  • Quick and easy tortilla pizzas on a work night. 6 minutes in the toaster oven.

  • Made some sushi for my sisters birthday. I’d like to think it came out pretty good!


  • My wife is a COVID nurse, she gets off a 3-4 day shift and buys ALL the plants. THIS is her happy place

  • Beware, me, ink, 2020


  • [Tudor] Black Bay 58, the watch I always wanted new but the ship had already sailed...

  • Full size and travel size empties! I always go back to this foundation, despite the price.

  • What do you think about ? Rolex Oyster from 1927.


  • Ethiopia, East Africa - 1955. Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen are photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt ascending the stairs of Menelik Palace flanked by footmen.

  • Fall in the Berkshires - Bash Bish Falls, Massachusetts, New England -




  • Best wishes to Iron Man actor, and the original MCU villain, Jeff Bridges, who has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Luckily his prognosis is good, but we're all rooting for him.

  • [No Spoilers] Arya Stark CosPlay by Mila (mellylaen)



  • Why don't u stroke it to find out

  • Your math is blowing my mind

  • Pasta due at midnight

  • It do be like that


  • 16 years ago today, we completed the 3-0 ALCS comeback.

  • My man brushed his teeth with a spinning ball #baller #FrankVogel 🏀

  • The Fall Classic has arrived



  • Wombat at Cradle Mountain. Couldn't get a clear photo when it was moving, but she has a pouch with a joey.

  • Gyors tájékoztatás

  • Det ville vært paradis på jord.


  • Rooftop subie

  • [Audi RS5] spotted in Åre, Sweden.

  • This is my dads ‘93 that he bought wrecked, we restored it together. He gave it to me because he couldn’t drive it anymore when ALS began to take over his body. Dad passed away from ALS last month. Every time I take her for a drive I know he’s riding along with me.


  • Billie Holiday performing “Strange Fruit” in NYC’s first integrated club, 1939 - Photo by Gjon Mili/Colorized by Jared Anderson

  • Mom, dad, and my older sisters in 1974. I love this picture.