January 27


  • I see your tactical camel and raise you a Combat Wombat

  • tactical camel superiority

  • Me this morning trying to help fix the intern’s workbook.


  • Absolutely in love with using root touch-up for realistic looking freckles! Not a real freckle in sight on my face. More details in the comments

  • I'm a trans girl who's really new to this, my stepsister gave me some advice to start. I'm looking for helpful criticism ❤️

  • Finally got back into doing makeup recently after months of not doing it! Still out of practice a bit but I am happy to be trying again

  • Help me with foundation! I’m currently using bare minerals Aspen 04 it just doesn’t match and anything lighter looks cakey and ghosty. I’m so lost and this is the “match” Ulta gave me


  • [homemade] Macaroni cheese with crispy bacon pieces.

  • German raspberry torte. Not for people who don't like raspberries

  • German raspberry torte

  • [homemade] wonton soup

  • [Homemade] Chocolate Cake, Shaped Like a Cat


  • An apartment built in 1885, Helsinki, Finland

  • Our colorful apartment here in Stockholm.

  • Love the light in my bedroom this time of year


  • An afternoon in the Swiss Alps | OC | Appenzell, Switzerland | 800 x 1000



  • An afternoon in the Swiss Alps | OC | Appenzell, Switzerland | 800 x 1000


  • I'm MtF, and today is officially one year on hormones! Life is so much brighter now (Oct2021/Today)

  • Parents visit son to meet his Fiancee, son makes a photo album of the family for his dad. The last photo asks the dad to be his Best Mansaying Dad, will you be my best man?


  • I made my Xbox roll coal to stop the woke agenda, I wish I could see the tears but everything's blurry and I feel really tired.

  • Ursula Creed making an example of a fully grown Imperial Officer. m42 colourized.



  • Our daughter flawlessly recreated our 30-year-old senior photos

  • It's quite something to watch Faux News use the idiocy of their viewers against them

  • GOP thinks the only American history is White history



  • Can someone name the People in that picture? 2014 Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony


  • Bulk produce deals - open to the public

  • Last year I turned off the hot water to my washing machine and sprinkled diatomaceous earth for insects...Teenagers still think they are washing in hot water and argue with me it makes things cleaner by changing my washing machine settings

  • How can I use this leak to my benefit? Info in comments.

  • Is this true? I thought HEPA filters were good for a year.




  • An afternoon in the Swiss Alps | OC | Appenzell, Switzerland | 800 x 1000



  • Rutger Hauer on the set of Blade Runner (1982)

  • My dad forgot a tie for his wedding. Had to improvise. (1993)

  • Myself, receiving a copy of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' on VHS for Christmas in 1990.