April 9


  • THE TRUE WSB LOGO IS BACK!!! The ugly baby is gone forever! Mission accomplished! This is a win for all of America!


  • My go to quarantine foundation-free and mostly drugstore look!!


  • Banana pancakes with berries. Delicious, fast and beautiful!

  • I'm 74 years old. This just came off my 36 Blackstone Griddle. BEST...TOASTED...CHEESE...EVER

  • Since to-go food is so popular I thought I would post a platter I made for a family; Daimyo, samurai, dragon, and shrimp tempura rolls.

  • [Homemade] Cheeseburger

  • [homemade] lemon macarons


  • My bedroom is slowly becoming a jungle

  • Some time in the near futute after covid ?

  • When you don鈥檛 have a 2nd Bedroom. Turned our breakfast nook into a nursery.

  • She鈥檚 at her happiest when she鈥檚 all tucked in.


  • A portrait I just did of my classmate

  • I tried to draw a crane

  • Peacock, Me, Oil on Canvas, 2019


  • Couldn鈥檛 go to LA so I brought LA to me.

  • [Hamilton] New strap day for my intramatic chrono 馃惣馃弾

  • My first pair of customs! What do you think?

  • Long time viewer, first time poster (approx 3+ months)


  • Morning on the McKenzie River, Oregon

  • View from my balcony due to less air pollution

  • One of 100 abandoned iron foundries in the NJ Pine Barrens

  • Redwoods State Park Santa Cruz CA 4608x3456 OC

  • Big Sur California, Coast HW1


  • Still as handsome at 14 as he was at 8 weeks. Happy birthday you big old puppy!

  • 馃敟 Same whale found after 35 years in the west coast of Mexico.

  • Gilbert鈥檚 natural state

  • My husband and I found this dog wandering around in our very small neighborhood today. Turns out she鈥檚 been seen around for weeks and no owner has come forward. She doesn鈥檛 have a chip or tags so we鈥檙e taking her in indefinitely while we search for her owner. We鈥檝e been calling her Juno.



  • My vision of MCU Gambit. I also like GASPARD ULLIEL or myself lol . Who would you like to see as a harder looking actor as Gambit.

  • When Anakin storms the Jedi Temple in Revenge of the Sith (2005) he is followed by the 501st Legion. The 501st is the same team Anakin leads in the Clone Wars TV Series (2008).


  • Guess who鈥檚 going to survive the extinction this time????

  • Fairly new to photography. Here's tonight's super moon! 馃寱 What do y'all think?

  • Quarantine made it clear

  • Wife asked for ice cream. Hers is beans. I鈥檓 a terrible person

  • My Mima saw a pillow at the grocery store that looks just like her cat Tuna- she sent me this picture




  • Warriors IG account responds to a porn bot

  • Harmon Killebrew hit a 500 footer at the Met stadium, which is now located in the amusement park inside the Mall of America. Home plate and the seat he hit it into is still there.

  • During the down time with Covid-19 I've had the chance to build a wall in my Barn at home. Pretty pleased with how it's come out!

  • Thanks a lot.



  • Found her in a group larger than 10 at the dealership so she鈥檚 in quarantine now.

  • LS3 swapped Land Rover Defender

  • Any love for sissy bars?


  • My grandma some time during the 70s. She was a pilot and had her own planes :)

  • [April 8, 1920] The Chicago Post Office has adopted roller skates for its clerks as they enable them to work more rapidly, thereby saving valuable time. Photo shows two clerks with skates handling parcel post.

  • marilyn monroe in the iconic 鈥榟appy birthday mr president鈥 dress, 1962

  • My mom (24 yrs) in Niagara falls, Canada 1989.

  • Senior year 1987 Hilton Head High School when I Ruled the Island