July 7


  • Shopping Trick: Date circled in pink is the promotion expiry date, products usually run on a 6 week rotation till the next discount

  • I hear you're the _____ expert!

  • Smart About Money


  • [Homemade] Homer Simpson Cake

  • 鈥猅onight鈥檚 dinner was bacon carbonara. I coated the noodles with a teaspoon or two of the bacon grease which had saut茅ed garlic in it. It was an awesome dinner 馃構 鈥

  • Italian picnic sandwich for July 4th: Ham, capicola, soppressata, prosciutto, mortadella, provolone, giardiniera, and olive oil-dressed arugula on homemade focaccia


  • Easing my anxiety by painting, decided to give my jacket an upgrade.

  • Yes I know the curtains don鈥檛 match... open to ideas! Don鈥檛 mind the pets! :)


  • Made it to Fallingwater this week, it was awesome!

  • Bananabalism, Me, Copic markers, 2020


  • The person selling these shoes just gave me 1 star for item cleanliness, hypocrite much? My item was perfect BTW... the hell


  • Yes I know the curtains don鈥檛 match... open to ideas! Don鈥檛 mind the pets! :)


  • When sims teens looked like teens!

  • Imagine if it actually loads this fast

  • Night Lords - Atramentar Chaos Terminators

  • This is why you fudge dice rolls.

  • Just like Vegeta鈥檚 voice actor, bless her and I hope she stays as the voice of Goku forever


  • I have never lied to you, Detective.

  • Apparently Ryan Reynolds is going to star in a Detective Pikachu style Beebo movie in the Legends universe

  • RIP Ennio Morricone (1928-2020)

  • David looks like your emotionally supportive aunt who is always inviting you to paint night


  • It's all I see now


  • I love America..

  • I don't know how else to react to either statement.

  • Posted last year about us moving in together after three months of dating after meeting on Tinder.... this is us right before quarantine, a year later, stronger than ever. Just dropping this for the peeps that said we were stupid to do so 馃槝

  • they always find the littlest things in life to hate on

  • The scariest shit you'll ever see.


  • Albon plotting his revenge!

  • It should have been me!

  • Meet 鈥淧hilly鈥 Eagles Fam


  • Got this shroud today, curious of how this leaked out of the factory.

  • Logitech wireless ball mouse. Still working.

  • Ordering PC Parts in The Middle of Pandemic.


  • Just the boys on a beautiful BSJ Sunday afternoon.

  • My friend鈥檚 son was murdered Friday night behind the grocery store where he worked. He was only 17 yrs old. Shot in the chest and left in the alley to die alone. Please help the police find the killer鈥檚 car: taupe/grey older Hyundai Elantra with body damage.


  • Albon plotting his revenge!

  • A rotary of RX-7s

  • When your dad decides to surprise you with a little paint correction after leaving your car at his house for a few weeks


  • My mom SWEARS she鈥檚 never been pretty. This is sometime in the 70鈥檚. One of the only pics of her she hasn鈥檛 thrown away.