November 28


  • Did Dogecoin quit Xitter? After all Elon has done for them? Hilarious.

  • Got this Coinbase email. Anyone else got it as well? Is Bybit next?


  • Been craving brownies but never made them in my 32 years of life and was nervous . They turned out to be the best I’ve ever had. I think I love baking?

  • [I ate] roast duck

  • Is food served on a baking tray the new chips in a mug craze in restaurants?


  • Remove these plastic anchors?



  • I bought her at the beginning of the year, she had about 10-15 leaves on her and the first night before I hung it from the ceiling, my baby took 2 leaves. Since then she has grown in size and become my proudest plant.


  • One year difference. Not a big progress but still good ✨

  • What do i do with this unuswd empty space on this side of the bed?

  • [Brew] Have you guys ever gone from wearing a watch almost everyday to almost never at all?




  • I broke my leg, lost my job, had a breakup this year. But this was my happiest year because of my gratitude journal. (I put this in this sub cuz writing a gratitude journal will make you smile for a lifetime)

  • I've been sitting here for almost half an hour. What should I do?


  • Anyone else bring out every rune because this menu disappeared? Bring back the old enchant bolt menu!

  • Wait till people complaining about Abby being buff play Cyberpunk, they'd blow an artery

  • Trail Mix | Linkin Park - Living Things [Marathon] (384059043, 8.28*) +HDDT 99.63% 8615/8903 2xMiss | 973pp (1031pp if FC) | 75.26 cv. UR | HIS NEW TOP PLAY!!!!


  • I use nature screen savers on my TV, I have about 150 of them but then every few weeks or so I'm reminded I threw this in there lol. My friends don't get it

  • I'm hungry (Anchuan)

  • How would a conversation between these two go?


  • McCain was a POW longer than Trump was President. Let that sink in.

  • amazon knows redditors very well

  • Kylie Jenner looks like that bread puppet after all that work done

  • My future son looks like a south park character




  • Becky Lynch holds up interesting sign at a live event tonight

  • Jalen after trailing by 10 points at the half, then winning the game with a 12-yard run in OT.


  • Got the last 4090 at Best Buy for MSRP!!!

  • intel fanboy makes me feel really uncomfortable from secondhand embarrassment

  • Israeli hacked a drone that belongs to a Gazan reporter in less than a minute, how?



  • It's a Love-Hate Relationship. Toto and Christian after the Abu Dhabi GP.

  • how yall feel abt white on white

  • Saw this at the Lego store and the wife said there was no way I was getting that. Hope shes cool with me going back tomororw without her to pick one up.

  • Max Verstappen's Records 2023 [@maxv1stappen__ on insta]

  • [@lewishamilton] Another one done. Good to take P2 in the constructors, but ultimately not the year we wanted. Still big shout to the team for always pushing [...]. As for the future, myself and the team know we’ll be back on top [...]. I promise you, getting there will be exhilarating [...].Til next year



  • [November 27th, 1923] War Toys Fall Off Ninety-Five Per Cent As Christmas Gifts.

  • Christopher Lee taken during WW2 in 1943. He was in the SAS; he spent time as an intelligence officer; He served in Finland against the Soviet invasion; he was in North Africa. After, the war he decided to go Nazi hunting. The man could speak 8 languages. This man was Saruman in Lord of the Rings.

  • [November 27th, 1923] Over 2,000 Members of the KKK Gather today to honor a wedding. Mrs. Reynolds is the mother of bride, the bride and Reverend Oliver K. Daney, Harry H. Lee, the groom A. J. Reynolds, the father of the bride.