June 16


  • Upvote this so that people see it when they Google “Joey Votto Bangs”

  • First photo of JF1 in a Bears uniform

  • Wife and I moved into a new home. Found the still beer-soaked hat my wife wore on the night of game 7 while we watched the game from someone’s yard across he street from Wrigley.

  • Appreciation post for our rookies that have been popping off this week!

  • Chicha when he gets called up

  • Luka is back on basketball court. This time with Slovenian national team. He Looks happy and ready to go. Tnx for letting him play thsi summer!

  • Literally the only reason they exist

  • I officially have the coolest girlfriend ever. She handpainted this tin to hold timepassers for sitting on the banks looking for rises this summer.

  • On my way to Chicago for my first Rays game!