August 18


  • I'd pay good money for this

  • My dad was killed in a car crash yesterday. RIP to the man who taught me this great game and played with me more than anyone else over the past 35 years.

  • I wonder how Jimmy Neesham deals with these comments

  • Finally made it to the top! Mount Rainier at 6am yesterday.

  • Won my club championship today!

  • Everyone. Band together, support Squidge. This entire sub needs to tweet their dismay to @SixNationsRugby about this terrible decision

  • Bob鈥檚 first 18 at Telluride Golf Club

  • As a wallabies fan, cant say I'm too surprised though

  • My brother and I won front row tickets to WWELive in Omaha tomorrow. Here is the card so far.

  • To honour the Scottish influence on their club history Torpedo Moscow of the Russian Championship have the best Scottish kit I've seen