September 25


  • Vet didn't give us cones when they got neutered/spayed so we improvised! (We made sure they could breath and eat just fine.)

  • BIFL belts can be $80-100. But quality leather belt blanks and a couple rivets can be had for less than half that at leather craft stores!

  • Timeless Fashion

  • These sol-vex gloves have lasted the five years now. I had a hole in the left thumb, so I cut off a part of the cuff and glued it over the hole. Works great!

  • I always save all my hardy plastic countainers and use them either to store dry food item in it or use it as emergency takeout..but I always hold onto them. Here is my yogurt containers with few labels.

  • This Bragg ($2.89) style apple cider drink just takes 2 Tbsp of vinegar, some lemon juice, 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of honey, and water!