January 23


  • the result of hearing a noise outside while grooming. blop

  • Took my cat to the vet

  • Shy baby meerkat

  • tiny tie for a tiny bub 💙

  • 🔥 Sea foam fills the streets of Spain after a storm hits the country

  • One year old together, just one month apart

  • A vet told me that she was 100% going to get Arthritis in her leg within 6 months of the operation and would need to be on medication for the rest of her life. Almost 4 years now, no arthritis, no meds, just a happy shepherd with a full recovery!

  • Protector/ Brother; An 80lb Blue Pit (Baby Brother Baloo 13 months old) & a 6lb Chorkie (Hamilton 2yrs 4months old). They’re BFFs. I don’t recommend you messing with Hamilton on Baloo’s watch.