September 19


  • My Grandaunt as a Cardinals mascot with Babe Ruth, 1933. Ruth said “she’s too cute so this’ll be the only time I get my picture taken with a damn Redbird!” then took a knee to take a pic with her.

  • A picture predicting my future career as a programmer, circa 1994

  • My mom, wearing earrings she made from IUDs (birth control) in the mid 70s.

  • An unknown group of women, possible friends or fellow students pose for an undated photograph, with one clearly keen to show of her chunky hairbrush. Possibly late 1890s to 1900s.

  • This girl is called Roseann, and she is making her way to Rockaway Beach, NYC in 1978

  • My great-grandmother at 16 years old. She just turned 81 and had the best birthday ever! 🎉 (195?)

  • Helped an older friend clean out his garage, found this in a box. Woodstock ticket 1969.

  • Migratory boy in squatter camp. Has come to Yakima Valley for the third year to pick hops. Mother: You'd be surprised what that boy can pick. Washington, Yakima Valley, 1930s - By Dorothea Lange.