October 4


  • Marilyn Monroe photographed by Sam Shaw in Amagansett, New York, 1957

  • Finnish soldiers in NBC (nuclear, biological & chemical) gear, during an exercise - 1961

  • Me and my mam wearing the best of German fashion. Circa 1992

  • Members of the Blackfoot Tribe photographed in Glacier National Park, 1913

  • Doing a wheelie in the 70s, photo by Glen Lockett

  • Audrey Hepburn lets her hair down for Vogue, 1966.

  • Betty Brosmer, drying off her dress in the 1950s

  • My uncle in 1982, he was a ship captain who died of a cocaine induced heart attack on his ship.

  • Ola Hudson (Slash’s mom) with her boyfriend at the time (David Bowie) 1975