June 4


  • Making D&D Memes out of every Doctor Who (2005-) Episode: S03E05 - Evolution of the Daleks

  • I can quit whenever I want...

  • It took me way more than I expected for me to notice that this scarecrow is a reference to Howl's Moving Castle

  • To make a scarecrow, place a single rope as the base, 5 hay blocks in a cross shape for the body, two wooden platforms for the arms and 3 dirt blocks for the hat with the 2 outer blocks hammered into half-blocks for the hat's brim.

  • I tried something.. Hope you like it

  • My Graveyard Biome made from a village were Pirates killed 8 NPC's. I decided they'd be nice ruins

  • You are not prepared.

  • There鈥檚 only 3, take your pick!

  • The bright green text really caught me off guard...but finally!!