October 4


  • Had to go out and see people today. Hair turned out pretty ok!

  • Was going to do a basic Fall red mani, then I started reading Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb and got inspired to do these instead 🐉

  • [Sinn] 356 Flieger ii SA

  • [Casio] My One Watch Collection

  • [WTS] Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Sapphire 3861 310. NEW

  • It took 3 years for me to finally do something with my living room

  • Always wanted this but thought I’d never suit this but thought fuck it! Love yo self and just do it 💪

  • Had my first social outing in girl mode. How did I do?

  • Just moved - my previous apartment was a 400sqft studio with no windows - beyond happy with this upgrade :’)

  • [Sinn] U50, a modern beauty & beast.