September 19


  • Having a good hair day is probably one of the best feelings and you try to recreate it but every good hair day is somehow different

  • [Apple] OG Apple Watch

  • Okay odd request but I'd love to find literally any clothing that is ridiculous in a subtle and preferably unintentional way either because someone made a mistake or someone was out of touch

  • Thank you to the person who recommended me to get a bridge piercing! It looks sick!!

  • Decided to turn the one bedroom in my apartment into a movie room

  • I’ve been trying for some natural looks for daily stuff, sort of trying the sunkissed blush, and this is what I came up with. How does it look?

  • Surprise baby pan in CEO today!

  • My buddy's bed room. There's literally nothing else but this in it. No clothes in the dresser just a pair of boxing gloves