December 13


  • In Disney's Pinocchio (1940), Figaro has a little sand box next to his bed that is only visible in one shot.

  • In Monsters Inc. (2001), Mike Wazowski's face is always covered in any publication he's in. This is the title card for Monsters Inc. On D+.

  • In Disney's Robin Hood (1973), Robin uses a cobbled together bow and arrow at the archery tournament because he had given his original ones away as a birthday present to Skippy, a rabbit, earlier in the film.

  • Recently did a Homage shoot for my Fem Captain America~ I love the reflection of the shield in the glass! (Photo by Evan Chen Photography).

  • The old title for 鈥淩eturn of the Jedi鈥 (1983) was 鈥淩evenge of the Jedi.鈥 Posters and trailers were made with that title. It鈥檚 only when Lucas changed it to 鈥淩eturn...鈥 because 鈥淛edi doesn鈥檛 take revenge.鈥 Merry Sithmas!

  • The Migratory Pattern of The North American Pigeon

  • The greatest shape shifter off all time! Still can't believe how many giant robots could fit inside this guy.

  • Tony Stark designed Pepper's Rescue armor to have the same color scheme as her dress in Iron Man 1

  • The Eternals Cast Photo, I can't wait to learn about them more in future.

  • Does anyone know why we did not see Hobo-Hulk in Endgame?

  • [No spoilers] My friend Patrick cosplayed as Jon Snow, what do you think?