November 28


  • It's a Love-Hate Relationship. Toto and Christian after the Abu Dhabi GP.

  • how yall feel abt white on white

  • Saw this at the Lego store and the wife said there was no way I was getting that. Hope shes cool with me going back tomororw without her to pick one up.

  • Max Verstappen's Records 2023 [@maxv1stappen__ on insta]

  • [@lewishamilton] Another one done. Good to take P2 in the constructors, but ultimately not the year we wanted. Still big shout to the team for always pushing [...]. As for the future, myself and the team know we’ll be back on top [...]. I promise you, getting there will be exhilarating [...].Til next year

  • World Destructor's Championship - 2023 Final

  • Just paid the deposit on a new bike.